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Although at Armando's we will restore your Scooter to your specifications we do have a preferred minimum specification that ensures a top quality finish. All our restored scooters are stripped down and shot blasted, including engine casing.

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The frame and body parts are first powdered coated then sprayed with two-pack to give an unbeatable finish. You can choose your own colours but we specialise in matching paint colours as far as possible to the originals. The engine casing is given a silver powder coat.

The engine is rebuilt using new bearings, clutch, chains, gaskets and a rebored piston. We also include new exhaust brackets and a re-conditioned carburettor.

To ensure all our restored scooters have a 'first time start' we fit them with a complete 12volt Conversion kit. This makes lights and horn more powerful.

The scooter is then assembled using all new trim, cables, badges, seat covers etc.

12 months MOT and age-related registration.

This is only a quick overview of the actual work done in a restoration. If you are interested in buying any type of scooter, goto the RESTORATION page and select the model you want. We will check the availability of model you choose and e-mail you a quote and more detail information.