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Armando Pastorelli preparing his Lambretta Li 150 Sr.1 for the Isle of Wight rally in 1961.

Armando started as a scooter enthusiast but soon turned his passion into a successful business. Armando's is an original LCGB superdealer.

His sons, Giulio and Guido carry on the family tradition. However, they still bring the same passion to their work and of course a certain 'Italian' style.


Giulio Pastorelli (circled) rides out with Sting and the Mods in the 1979 cult hit Quadraphenia. Giulio says 'This was one of the biggest piss ups of my life!

I got paid £25 a day plus board as an extra and Guido, who was only 16, got £15 as a passenger. We appeared in many scenes including the famous wrecking of the cafe and court shots.' Armando's Scooter shop has many items of Quadraphenia memorabilia on display and for the right amount of wine the brothers will reminisce.


1989 customised Vespa T5 166cc (featured in the December 1989 issue of "Scooter Scene". Fitted with a Panasonic stereo-radio cassette with Kenwood 50W speakers.

Armando's were noted for their customised Vespa models during the 1980's.

This one was on display at the The Trade Show and sold within a day.


Armando's introduce their famous Open Day which soon becomes a Mecca for scooter fans throughout the region. With bar-b-que, Music, custom show, run out to local watering house and LCGB stall this is the North's best open day.

Giulio's and Guido's relaxed style makes the party go with a swing and scooter fans are soon swapping stories, addresses and parts. The last open day was attended by around 500 people.


Giulio and Guido today outside "Armando's". Their restorations are renowned and with over 40 years in the business their contacts are world-wide. Oh and by the way both brothers are fluent in Italian and regularly visit their father who retired to Italy some years ago.


Whilst still working hard to provide the best possible service Giulio and Guido love to visit Italy to sample to the odd Vino or two. Not to be out done they have even upgraded their own scooters to keep up with the ever changing specifications. Giulio even managed to take his for a spin around the Colosseum. We are now coming up to the 20th year of our famous open day and ride out. Why don't you come and join us?